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The 2 reasons why you should take a good webhoster for your website

There are 2 main reasons why in the case of the affiliated website hosting is an element of utmost importance:

1. We pay for traffic (valid for all types of advertising)

It seems obvious, yet many affiliates forget it.
When we make the advertising, every visit to our landing page cost us the money, so a slow down or a not powerful enough server causes a direct loss.

2. The most loading time is slow, the less you will get conversions:

There are tons of studies on that, so take for granted, a faster loading time = more conversions.

A bad server can easily cost you 10% to 50% ROI, and given the low margins errors here, it can make the difference between a profitable campaign and a losing campaign.

Learn the difference between CPA and CPL

CPA stands for “Cost Per Action” and simply means that the advertiser is willing to pay you when the visitors you send him perform a particular action.

What we (the affiliates) are interested in here is to enjoy tons of offers that give compensation when a visitor creates a free account on the website.

CPL stands for “Cost per Lead” and is the part before the Action, like registering or filling a formular.

It’s easier to get a payment for a CPL, but that’s why they are generally cheaper.

Introduction to affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a technique for commercial website to promote their offers and distribute its product catalog through websites called “affiliates” in consideration of retribution payment (commission on sales, pay per click or per lead, such as listing on the newsletter). The affiliated websites are therefore introducers rewarded for their contribution to the merchant website business (generating a sale, bring visitors or qualified hot prospects), but in a way it does not seems like a random online advertising.
An affiliate network consists of thousands of sites. Therefore, it is necessary to use an automated system to manage this network, dissemination of marketing messages, tracking and affiliates remuneration. The commercials choose between the establishment of a dedicated solution, incorporated into its site and the use of a common platform for multiple programs. The second platform is generally recommended because they allow a merchant to benefit affiliates already registered to other programs of the platform.

In practice dealers provide to affiliates, advertising visuals or product catalogs in various formats (such as XML or CSV), or communicate a direct URL offer to display on the affiliate’s website.
The technique appeared in 1997 in USA. The share of sales generated by the affiliate has quickly become a major source of business merchant sites, between 10 and 20% for well-managed programs. As we know this very strong profitability, we wonder why some large sites have not yet opened their program?